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Chaklala Cantonment Board Jobs 2023 latest update

Chaklala Cantonment Board Jobs 2023 latest update

In recent news, the Chaklala Cantonment Board (CCB) has released an enticing advertisement, calling upon eligible candidates to step forward and seize the opportunity to fill various positions at the Chaklala Cantt Medical Center in Dheri Hassanabad, Rawalpindi. These positions are being offered on a temporary basis, initially for one year, following Rule-9 of PCSR-1954, with the potential for extension as per applicable regulations. Successful candidates will be rewarded with a fixed pay, tailored to each specific position. Excitingly, both male and female candidates are encouraged to apply for these prestigious government jobs in Punjab, and if selected, they can embark on their professional journey in Pakistan in 2023.

Chaklala Cantonment Board Jobs 2023 Details:

Here’s a glimpse of the positions available:

1. Gastroenterologist

Do you have a passion for the intricate world of digestive health? This might be the perfect opportunity for you. The CCB is looking for a qualified Gastroenterologist to join their team.

2. Staff Nurse (Female)

Compassion and care are your strengths? Apply for the position of Staff Nurse and make a difference in the lives of patients at Chaklala Cantt Medical Center.

3. Technician

If you’re tech-savvy and have a knack for handling medical equipment, the CCB needs your expertise.

4. Pediatrician

Can you make children feel at ease while ensuring their health and well-being? The position of Pediatrician awaits your skills.

5. Eye Specialist

Are you an expert in the field of ophthalmology? Join the CCB as an Eye Specialist and contribute to eye care in the region.

6. Aya

Do you have the heart to serve? The role of an Aya is essential in providing care and support to patients.

چکلالہ کنٹونمنٹ بورڈ کی نوکریاں 2023 تازہ ترین اپ ڈیٹ

حالیہ خبروں میں، چکلالہ کنٹونمنٹ بورڈ (CCB) نے ایک دلکش اشتہار جاری کیا ہے، جس میں اہل امیدواروں کو آگے بڑھنے اور ڈھیری حسن آباد، راولپنڈی میں چکلالہ کینٹ میڈیکل سنٹر میں مختلف اسامیوں پر بھرتی کرنے کے موقع سے فائدہ اٹھانے کی اپیل کی گئی ہے۔ یہ آسامیاں عارضی بنیادوں پر پیش کی جا رہی ہیں، ابتدائی طور پر ایک سال کے لیے، PCSR-1954 کے قاعدہ 9 کے بعد، قابل اطلاق ضوابط کے مطابق توسیع کے امکانات کے ساتھ۔ کامیاب امیدواروں کو ہر مخصوص پوزیشن کے مطابق مقررہ تنخواہ سے نوازا جائے گا۔ دلچسپ بات یہ ہے کہ مرد اور خواتین دونوں امیدواروں کو پنجاب میں ان باوقار سرکاری ملازمتوں کے لیے درخواست دینے کی ترغیب دی جاتی ہے، اور اگر وہ منتخب ہو جاتے ہیں، تو وہ 2023 میں پاکستان میں اپنے پیشہ ورانہ سفر کا آغاز کر سکتے ہیں۔

چکلالہ کنٹونمنٹ بورڈ نوکریاں 2023 تفصیلات:

یہاں دستیاب عہدوں کی ایک جھلک ہے:

معدے کا ماہر

کیا آپ کو ہاضمہ صحت کی پیچیدہ دنیا کا جنون ہے؟ یہ آپ کے لیے بہترین موقع ہو سکتا ہے۔ CCB اپنی ٹیم میں شامل ہونے کے لیے ایک مستند معدے کے ماہر کی تلاش کر رہا ہے۔

 اسٹاف نرس (خواتین)

شفقت اور دیکھ بھال آپ کی طاقت ہیں؟ چکلالہ کینٹ میڈیکل سنٹر میں سٹاف نرس کے عہدے کے لیے درخواست دیں اور مریضوں کی زندگیوں میں فرق پیدا کریں۔


CCB اگر آپ تکنیکی مہارت رکھتے ہیں اور طبی آلات کو سنبھالنے میں مہارت رکھتے  کوآپ کی مہارت کی ضرورت ہے۔

 ماہر اطفال

کیا آپ بچوں کو ان کی صحت اور تندرستی کو یقینی بناتے ہوئے آرام دہ محسوس کر سکتے ہیں؟ ماہر اطفال کا عہدہ آپ کی مہارت کا منتظر ہے۔

 آنکھوں کے ماہر

کیا آپ نےتر کے شعبے میں ماہر ہیں؟ CCB میں بطور آئی سپیشلسٹ شامل ہوں اور خطے میں آنکھوں کی دیکھ بھال میں حصہ ڈالیں۔


کیا آپ میں خدمت کرنے کا دل ہے؟ مریضوں کو دیکھ بھال اور مدد فراہم کرنے میں آیا کا کردار ضروری ہے۔

How to Apply for the Latest Government Jobs in Punjab?

If you are excited to be part of the Chaklala Cantonment Board and help make a difference, here is what you need to do:

Eligible candidates are required to submit their applications electronically  within 15 days of the publication date of this advertisement.

Ensure you upload scanned copies of your CNIC, academic degrees, registration certificates, and two passport-size photographs along with your application.

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be invited for the test/interview. No TA/DA (Travel Allowance/Daily Allowance) will be provided.

Chaklala Cantonment Board Jobs 2023 Details:

Date Posted 01-10-2023
Industry Government
Hiring Organization
Chaklala Cantonment Board
Jobs Location Rawalpindi
Education Requirements Matric to Master/ Diploma
Last Date 15-11-2023
Vacancies 30+
Newspaper Express. Jang
Chaklala Cantonment Board Rawalpindi Punjab

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

If you are currently employed in government service, you must follow the proper channel for the application, failing which your application will not be entertained.

Terms and conditions related to the service/employment will be conveyed to successful candidates through an offer letter. Candidates who accept these terms and conditions will receive a final selection letter.

Applay now

A Temporary Opportunity with Potential

It’s important to note that the initial employment period will be for one year, with the possibility of extension based on the terms and conditions determined by Chaklala Cantonment Board Rawalpindi. However, candidates appointed through this advertisement should not anticipate the regularization of their service, as these positions are of a purely temporary nature.

This advertisement is also accessible on the CCB website


The Chaklala Cantonment Board’s announcement of these job opportunities in 2023 presents an exciting chance for both experienced professionals and newcomers to join the medical field and contribute to the well-being of the community. This initiative not only showcases the commitment of CCB to provide quality healthcare but also emphasizes their role as a progressive employer. If you meet the eligibility criteria, don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this promising journey.


1. What is the deadline for submitting applications for these positions?

Eligible candidates have 15 days from the publication date of the advertisement to submit their applications via

2. Are these positions open to both male and female candidates?

Yes, both male and female candidates are welcome to apply for these positions.

3. What is the employment period for these positions?

Initially, the employment will be offered for one year, with the possibility of extension based on the terms and conditions determined by Chaklala Cantonment Board Rawalpindi

4. Will government employees need to follow a specific application process?

Yes, government employees must follow the proper channel for the application, failing which their applications will not be entertained.

5. Is there a chance for regularization of service for candidates appointed through this advertisement?

No, these positions are of a purely temporary nature, and candidates should not anticipate the regularization of their service.
If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please refer to the official CCB website or contact the CCB authorities for detailed information.

Get ready to embark on a fulfilling professional journey with the Chaklala Cantonment Board. Apply now and be part of the team that makes a difference!

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