Telenor quiz today 3 May 2022 | Telenor Quiz With Answer

Telenor quiz today 03 May 2022: Today Telenor Quiz Complete Answer with details. My Telenor Application wins free internet data. Telenor Answering the questions 100% Correct will help you to Win Telenor Free MBs.

03 May 2022 Telenor Quiz Answer

Telenor has launched a new service. This service has become very popular among people. People get free internet by answering daily questions. My Telenor app is very easy to use and Telenor packages are also provided very cheaply in this app. This is a great facility for Telenor users. People also use this app because the packages in it a very easy to install if you have any problem with this app So you can call the Telenor helpline number to ask about this issue and you can easily resolve this issue.

How to get MB from My Telenor App.

You can effectively liberate MBs day by day from the My Telenor App to pick the right responses to 5 distinct inquiries. My Telenor App questions are refreshed every day at 12:00 a.m. Each question has four alternatives: you select the right choice. 

I will give you the right answers at 12:05 a.m., accordingly, visit my site since I update answers every day. On the off chance that you addressed each question effectively, at that point you will be ready to get free MBs from the My Telenor App. The MBs you will win from the My Telenor App are accessible for 1 after quite a while following 1 day these MBs are taken out from App and you won’t be ready to utilize them. 

Presently, I will inform you concerning these means which you can use to Win MBs from Test Your Skills. I think this means to assist you with running this App and Win Telenor  MBs.

My Telenor app test your skills today Answers

I gave here Today my Telenor application Answers question, presently you can utilize these responses to get win free MBS. We refreshed here and distributed day-by-day address inquiries for all Telenor questions. Along these lines, stay and visit to find the most recent solutions and data. We generally offer some incentive-capable and valuable data that causes you to build your overall information. 

The following are largely the right answers and questions of the My Telenor application test which causes you to win Free MBs. 

Follow these rules to get free web information: 

  1. Open ” My Telenor App ” 
  2. Snap-on the “Test your Skills” on the correct side of the application. 
  3. There you will see 5 inquiries. 
  4. You need to address those inquiries. 
  5. You should address those 5 inquiries effectively. 
  6. At that point, you will get 100 MBs or more. 
  7. On the off chance that you addressed a solitary inquiry off-base, at that point you can’t win any information. 
  8. Answer all inquiries cautiously individually. 
  9. Should affirm your answer from our site prior to going to the following inquiry 
  10. You ought to have 0.01 PKR or 1 paisa balance in sim. 
  11. The Mbs you win will be legitimate just for one day. 

On this page are the 03 May 2022 Telenor App Answers and Questions for winning free web MBs. Telenor App (Quiz) Answer and Question, if any client offered the right response to these five inquiries Telenor rewards them with Free 50/100 MBs every day.

Telenor quiz today 03 May 2022

Question 1: When the bowler shouts at the umpire because he thinks he has got a batsman out is called _.

سوال 1: جب گیند باز امپائر کو اس لیے چیختا ہے کیونکہ اسے لگتا ہے کہ اس نے بلے باز کو آؤٹ کر دیا ہے تو اسے _ کہتے ہیں۔

  • Call
  • Replay
  • Appeal
  • Notice

Answer: Appeal

Question 2: is a very easy catch taken by a fielder.

سوال نمبر 2:فیلڈر کی طرف سے لیا گیا ایک بہت ہی آسان کیچ ہے۔

  • LBW
  • Yorker
  • Beamer
  • Dolly

Answer: Dolly

Question 3: The rope around the edge of the cricket ground is referred to as _.

سوال 3:کرکٹ گراؤنڈ کے کنارے کے گرد رسی کو _ کہا جاتا ہے۔

  • Boundary
  • Crease
  • Pitch
  • None

Answer: Boundary

Question 4: this is the name for the fielding restrictions in limited-overs cricket.

محدود اوورز کی کرکٹ میں فیلڈنگ کی پابندیوں کا نام ہے۔

  • Super Play
  • Super Overs
  • Power Play
  • Power Up

Answer: Power Play

Question 5: When a batsman only just touches the ball with the side of his bat and is caught by the wicket-keeper or the slips its called _.

جب کوئی بلے باز صرف اپنے بلے کے سائیڈ سے گیند کو چھوتا ہے اور وکٹ کیپر یا سلپ کے ہاتھوں کیچ ہوجاتا ہے تو اسے _ کہتے ہیں۔

  • No Ball
  • Edge
  • Tip
  • Boundary

Answer: Edge

Final Words.

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